Rural Women and the Media Pilot Project


IAWRT decided in 2018 to add a new action area to its portfolio of intervention forms in support of its overall a mission to strengthen initiatives towards ensuring women’s views and values are integral part of programming and to advance the impact of women in media. The new committee will focus on extending the IAWRT mission to women and girls living in rural areas of the global South.

While the committee works on outlining its longer-term objectives and work areas, the committee has, as a preliminary working objective to “amplify rural women’s voices through their innovative use of communication and media for a visible and empowered presence on communication and media platforms, setting their own agenda, fighting for their rights”.

The committee is finalising the formulation of a first pilot project which take place 450 kms outside Nairobi, Kenya, doing just that. The project is developed in close collaboration between the IAWRT chapter in Kenya and the (new) ‘Committee on Rural Women and the Media’. As soon as we are ready, we will share information about the project here.

Along with the formulation and start of the pilot project, the Committee is working to formulate the most effective way forward, looking to how research, training and facilitation can put rural women in the driver’s seat, using media and other communication platforms to advance their agenda and needs, positively influencing their empowerment and the development of their communities.

IAWRT has set up a special committee with experts in this field to develop a concrete four-year plan based on this evaluation.