IAWRT Long Documentary

IAWRT regularly calls for members to make proposals a long form global documentary to a theme which is in tune with the vision and ideals of the organisation.  'Women making news' was the theme of the most recent project, resulting in Velvet Revolution , completed in 2017.  

Three other IAWRT documentaries, which consist of segments of 7-9 minutes from different countries that have been fused into one production, have been made previously. See Velvet Revolution, Reflecting her (2015) and Hands on: Women. Climate. Change. (2014). The international board is yet to make any decision about a future project.

Generally five short films, each of 10-12 minutes duration, are directed and produced by members from five different countries working to one executive producer who has overall responsibility for the project, gives the specifications, and edits the short films into one long documentary.

If you are interested in applying to be one of the directors in the next round, see attached for the type of details required in the 2016 round. Further information is available at www.iawrt.org documentary@iawrt.org

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