IAWRT Tanzania Chapter was not heard in the 1990s although there were members who were involved in the organisation. The person who inspired us all to join the organisation at that time was Betty Mkwasa, co broadcaster with the then Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam. This was after her return from one of Iawrt meetings abroad. The first members to join Iawrt was Betty Mkwasa, Edda Sanga, Penzi Nyamungumi and Rose Haji Mwalimu. All aforementioned members are broadcasters with former Radio Tanzania Dar es Salaam now Tanzania Broadcasting Corporation (TBC).

Years went by and it was until 2009 when Iawrt was officially installed as a chapter during the Cambodia Bi-annual Conference.

Iawrt Tanzania Chapter was officially registered in 2011 as a local NGO under NGO Compliance Act 2002. Membership has grown from seven to 16 as of September 2015.
Training/mentoring, coordination, facilitation, radio/television/video programming for advocacy on various social and technical issues: gender based violence, HIV.AIDS, gender issues, reproductive health, ICTs, scriptwriting, trafficking of children and women, sex workers, 16 days of activism, outreach and networking.


Office Bearers: 

Chapter Head
Rose Haji Mwalimu

Secretary General
Flora Nzema

Razia Mwawanga

Contact Us: 

Mikocheni B, Block 1001, P.O. Box 13355, Dar es Salaam

+255 754/784 270 856