IAWRT 2017 International Awards

The IAWRT Documentary Awards celebrate outstanding documentaries made by women about women and are open to all female producers, directors and journalists working with radio, television, web and film documentaries anywhere in the world.

The documentaries must be about women who are making a difference, on their own lives or on the lives of other women.  Entries must be between 20 and 90 minutes long for Film/TV, 15 – 60 minutes for Radio and 10 – 30 min for Webcast documentaries, and must have been aired, shown at a competitive festival or uploaded on the web between October 4th 2013 and August 3rd 2015.

Entries will be assessed by an international jury of IAWRT members and the winners will be announced at the Annual Gala Dinner asscoiated with the IAWRT Biennial Conference.

Example entry forms and full detailis of the 2015 entry Rules and Regulations are attached below. Note that the categories for 2017 have changed.

Any enquiries may be directed to secretariat@iawrt.org until a coordinator is assigned.